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Transfering Your Domains and More at SNXDOMAINS.COM


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Domain Name Registration and Transfer is one of the core products at SNXDOMAINS.  We have an automated, sequential process that makes transfers error and risk-free.  Where action is required by you, you will be advised and kept updated in real time by clear e-mail messages.

Take advantage of our low prices and transfer your domains to  We have a number of extra domain services bundled in.  You keep all the previous registration time and get an extra year at no further cost.

Why transfer to SNXDOMAINS.COM?
It is risk-free.  If the transfer fails, you will receive a full refund.

Been on this road before? you will find our intuitive, streamlined transfer process a breeze.  For first-time customers and beginners our clear e-mail messages will prompt you all the way.  Should you need help, you can always avail of our award-winning 24 x 7 support by phone or e-mail.

SNXDOMAINS.COM has become the one-stop shop for the online presense of small and big firms alike and for good reason.

Consistent top of the line service and among the lowest prices and promotions in conjuntion with time-tested procedures make our customers happy.

Normally $9.99 /Yr
.COM Offer at $8.99

Free 1st year Private Registration when you transfer 5 or more domains to SNXDOMAINS.COM

Easy transfer facilities for all your domains with FREE extras at SNXDOMAINS.COM

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Domain Transfers
Our Extras - bundled in free, just for you  

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Website Builder and Hosting One PageQuick Hosting and Website Builder
If you need to get online fast and have not yet developed your website, our FREE 1-page website with hosting and website builder will be ideal to get the domain going on the internet. The drag and drop features will speed up and help build your web presence while choosing from category based templates and 1000's of images. You can upload your own images and provide contact information in minutes.

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Domain For SaleYour Domain 'For Sale' Page
On the other hand, you can opt to sell you domain name with a specially built web page.  Announce this to the world in a matter of seconds.

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Forwardng and MaskingDomain Forwarding and Masking
Many a time you have purchased a domain name and would like to automaticaly have your visitors be routed to another domain that has been developed.  Avail of our FREE domain masking and forwarding facility with every domain.  Setup is easy.  Visitors to the new domain name will see the new domain name in their browser address bar while the contents will be of the destination URL.

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Total DNS ControlTotal DNS Control
You will be able to manage the domain nameserver (DNS) from our new, intuitive control panel.  Set up the FTP, e-mail and custom sub-domains as often as you like.

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Domain LockingDomain Locking
When setup, accidental or deliberate transfer of domain ownership is inhibited.  Further, no one will be able to redirect your nameservers.

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Change of RegistrationChange of Registrationn
From the control panel you can assign your domain name to a third party or change the contact credentials.  This requires a fee for domains.

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Domain Status AlertsStatus Alerts
Never get caught unawares! SNXDOMAINS will send you instant alerts if there has been any change with the status of your domain.  You can log in to your control panel at any time and keep a screenshot of the parameters.

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Auto Renew DomainAuto Renew Protection
There's no need to  one keeps a diary of expiry dates of the domains you have purchased.  The Auto-Renew facility at SNXDOMAINS.COM will keep all your products including domains valid on or before the expiry of the product while e-mailing you at the same time the invoice transaction reports.
Need some help with your website?  We, at SNXDOMAINS will co-ordinate with expert designers and developers to fine-tune your product or even undertake a start-to-finish project - from analysis, design to development, deployment and maintenance. 
Register your domain with us, avail of world-class hosting and get a hand with your websites at a reasonable fee.

Get professional help here (includes Free Hosting, ample 50 GB disk space and 1 TB bandwidth, 1K email accounts and 24/7 support and more ...)


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