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  • Toll-free Plans            $14.95
    • Use an 866, 888 or 800 area code
    • Send & receive faxes from email
    • Send faxes up to 20 MB in size
    • Page credits used during send and receive
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  • Standard Plans           $9.95
    • Get a local fax number
    • Send & receive faxes from email
    • Send faxes up to 20 MB in size
    • Page credits used during send only
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Discard your old bulky fax machine with a green, fast, paper-free solution.


With Fax Thru Email you can save on the wasteful expense of a fax machine.  You send and receive faxes over the Web, using a personal fax number. Incoming faxes are saved directly in your familiar email inbox and you send outgoing faxes right from your email or by logging on to


  • Money saver. There's no need to install or maintain a landline or fax machine – we give you your own, personal virtual fax number.
  • Trees saver. Reduce and even eliminate use of paper while increasing your privacy – there are no paper copies left lying around for someone else to read.
  • Two easy ways to fax. Fax directlyfrom your email account – simply put the receiver's fax number in the Subject line or you can send your fax from
  • Add attachments with one click. Attach large files from your computer or your Online Storage account.
  • No activation or per-fax fees. Choose your plan based on how many pages you think you'll need. Upgrade or downgrade the plan at any time.
  • Want to increase your page limit? Simply buy additional Page Packs once you purchase a Fax Thru Email plan.




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Fax Thru Email, Paper-free solutions at SNXDOMAINS.COM

Faster with new Technology & intuitive features make it easy.

No new equipment to buy and no phone line to install as your Fax Thru Email uses the Internet.  Faxes are transmitted directly from any computer or device that is used for email or internet browsing. Our control panel enables you to track history, generate reports and more


Send faxes anytime, anywhere*
  • Fax documents to U.S.* and Canada numbers directly from your email account. Just enter the destination fax number and your Fax Thru Email unique faxing password in the Subject line.  You can attach files as well and click on SEND.
  • With this package, you can also send faxes via the interface, including these features:
    • Multiple destination Faxes at the sam time.
    • Create your personal cover sheet, complete with text and logo image using our quick setup wizard.
  • Use the search facility to save time by quickly selecting from previous  numbers.
  • Add large attachments –  from your computer or from Online Storage.


Receive faxes in the office or on the move

  • Got internet coverage ?  Access and read your incoming faxes anytime right from your inside your email inbox.
  • With no machine in the corner, this is a secure way to receive important or confidential documents.
  • Incoming faxes are presented as printable PDF files.

Keep a Track incoming and outgoing faxes

  • The History panel can be used to review records of the sent and received faxes.
  • Optionally setup email confirmations will let you know if your fax went through.
  • Then. use the fax history to double-check delivery/receipt of faxes.

Secure protection of your privacy

  • SNXDOMAINS.COM will provide you with a private, unique fax number.
  • All your Incoming, outgoing and personal information remains completely confidential.
  • Use the setup to block numbers you don't want to receive faxes from, including pesky international numbers.
  • Protect you confidential information – with Fax Thru Email there's no machine with paper copies left laying around for someone else to read.

Do more with SNXDOMAINS Workspace

  • Fax Thru Email works seamlessly with other Workspace products, including Email,Calendar and Online Storage (sold separately).
  • Keep track of important fax dates and set fax reminders with Calendar.
  • Add attachments stored in Online Storage with a single click.

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