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Domain Private Registration  at SNXDOMAINS.COM


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Today privacy at all levels is compromised and domains are no exception. While your identity is no one's business, your personal information is available through the day for anyone and everyone to search, crawl or buy. ICANN has deemed it fit that the domain records must show the name, address, phone number and e-mail address. All this information is published but you can alter this by opting for Private Registration through SNXDOMAINS.COM.

Why Domain Private Registration at SNXDOMAINS.COM?
Private Registration of your domain means …


SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces.  Private Domain RegistrationYour domain is not registered under your private name but instead by the name Domains By Proxy, so the Proxy information is made public — not yours. The Proxy entity has no control over your domain, you have. You can renew, sell or cancel your domain, set up the name servers, aliases and forwarding of for your domain or resolve disputes involving your domain. You access your control panel to manage emails addressed to the domain, as well as the domain's contact information.


As you're always accountable for your actions we advise our clients to refrain from using a private registration to transmit spam, or violate the local or international law or engage in morally objectionable activities over the internet.


Your personal information is rock-solid safe with us. Domain registered by Proxy with SNXDOMAINS mean your personal information is protected by our affiliate company, Domains By Proxy®. They have two unique and powerful layers of security. A separate account will be created to manage your Private Registration, which can go a long way towards stonewalling domain name hijackers.


Domain name hijacking is prevalent from manual and automatic scripts originating from all over the world. Your domain name is precious. Don't let scamsters and thieves usurp your domain for fraudulent internet related activity by keeping your domain safe and secure with Private Registration.


.Starts at $7.95 / Yr

Free 1st year Private Registration when you transfer 5 or more domains to SNXDOMAINS.COM

Easy transfer facilities for all your domains with FREE extras at SNXDOMAINS.COM

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Private Registration helps you:

Protect your personal dentity

Stop and stone-wall domain-related spam

Block harassers and stalkers

End data mining (poaching on your content)

Maintain your personal and family privacy

Prevent domain name hijacking

Shield legitimate business endeavors from being routed towards fraudulent activity


Background information about Private Registration and why it is needed?


ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has mandated that all registrars the contact information associated with domain names available to the public via the Whois directory. The Whois database is a 24x7 online repository of information associated with registered domain names. It stores and publicly displays domain name information, such creation and expiration dates, the registrar of record, and its various contacts (registrant, billing, administrative, and technical). With Private domain registration, our service hides personal domain name contact information like your email address, name, address and phone numbers from the public gaze.


What benefits you get with Domains By Proxy Private Registration?


You get online protection with Private Registration through Domains By Proxy while enjoying full control over your private domain names. Your personal identity is hidden and your privacy rigorously maintained, domains-related spamming is decreased, your business endeavors over the internet are shielded by preventing domain name hijacking.


Domains By Proxy creates a private, unique email address for each domain name. You can choose whether or not to forward emails to this account forwarded to you, or filtered, or completely blocked. All of these benefits and more will ensure that both you and your domain name are safe and secure.


Can I opt for Private Registration for my domain?


Private domain name registration can be added to many domain name extensions, however, some domain name registries do not allow private registration.

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