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How to Optimize Your Website - Tips at SNXDOMAINS.COM

Improving your users' page visit 'Pleasure Index' ...

User experience could make all the difference between a bounced visit and a pleasant one that results in your visitor actually browsing your pages and clicking on a 'like' icon, writing a comment or even making a purchase.

There are many known and established methods for improving the users’ ‘visit pleasure’ index and we list some of them here.

Whether or not your website has been developed by a professional team or by yourself, the tips provided here are important. It is your site and you need to counter-check the existence of optimization.  

1. A Pleasant Design and Color Scheme
2. Two or Three Columns – Three Columns For Mobile Friendly Pages
3. Rich Original Content
4. All the optimizing tricks you know
      a. Caching
        b. Sizing
      c. Requests Reduction (Overhead)
      d. Reduction in Round Trip Times
      e. Browser Dependent Code Branching / Optimization
5. Get a good domain name that in one word or phrase represents your site.
6. Get a good hosting solution
7. Do not fall prey to offers to improve your SEO by third party sites

A Pleasant Design and Color Scheme
Have you noticed that most of the heavyweights (Outlook, Gmail and others) have changed their design in 2013 to a simple white background with pastel color group headings? There is a reason for this. Stick to no more than four colors throughout your site. Images may contribute towards enhanced color quality of the pages as required. If you are selling multiple items, your site should look like a catalog. If it is about your community, it ought to look like a blog or wiki. Mix and match seldom work.

Two or Three Columns – Three Columns For Mobile Friendly Pages
A three-column base will enable your webpages to be easily converted to be mobile ready. More and more people are now browsing the internet on their smartphones with full browsers but still get a better ‘view’ a column at a time.  As far as possible avoid falling snowflakes or fireworks shows. A thumb leaf flipping of advertisements or a slideshow that advances after a minimum of 5 seconds or set to manually change are acceptable. Flash is outdated for your homepage and very irritating for most users. You may join merge two of the three columns for a wider content box as sometimes it is easier to read that way. In a similar way, a full page width may be required for parts of your web pages.  

Rich Original Content
No one was born with all the knowledge on every subject and the authors of your website are no exception. There has to be a mix of conciseness and richness. However, we cannot emphasize enough that the context, wording and grammar must be original. Spelling and grammar mistakes are a clear ‘no’, ‘no’. Get help with this, if necessary.  

All your scripts and CSS files and image files, etc. that will not change should be set for HTTP caching.

Each file or resource takes time to download no matter how far or close the user is from the server. When cached, these files are saved locally and will not be downloaded again unless a change is made or a page intentionally refreshed.  

While it may be convenient to have one big CSS file and thus reduce the link stylesheet statements or have the same statement throughout the website, it may be cost-effective to de-normalize the CSS files with only the required number of styles for each page or a set of pages.  

Read up on how to leverage browser caching and proxy caching, setting up of expiry dates and fingerprinting.  

Think of this as a win-win practice for yourself as well as your users. Bandwidth is substantially reduced and with that costs, and page load is speeded up greatly, contributing towards a more pleasurable subsequent page visit.  

In order to make caching work with all browsers, set up the pages headers. You may refer to numerous resources on the subject in the internet on the subject.  

Keeping it simple works, unless the content is for an encyclopedia. Sizing also includes page width and 1000px is about the norm.

Requests Reduction (Overhead)
We are all for a modular style of development with components and scripts designed for easy reuse in the site or over a number of sites. However, we recommend that the modules be combined into larger ones that are specific to one website and even to one page. Combine the files judiciously so that they are compatible with all browsers. This reduces the overhead tremendously and is well worth the extra trouble and host disk space.  

For both scripts and CSS, it is prudent to partition all into two files each. One file with the required code and styles for the page opening ( section) and the other for after the page is loaded.

Reduction in Round Trip Times
Contrary to what the title of this paragraph suggests, it is the number of requests that are reduced to render the page that contribute to a faster page load and not the actual time of the round-trip time. As this time excludes the bandwidth of the actual content and is limited to the time taken by the client’s request to the server and the time taken for the server to respond over the network, it is incumbent for the developer to ensure that the number of such requests are at a very minimum.

There are simple techniques and parallelizing requests is a major factor. We list a few here (some of them may have been touched upon before).

Minimize DNS hostname lookups. If you have control over the resources, host them in different paths instead of on different hosts to take advantage of parallelization. Also avoid redirects.

Ferret out bad requests. Besides making your pages look unprofessional, bad requests take a considerable amount of time and you should modify your code pointing to dead URLs by either updating the entry to point to the correct new page or removing them altogether. 

Combine external JavaScript & CSS but whittle down the CSS to the styles required.

It is critical to optimize the order in which you write the styles and scripts.  Stay away from document.write as it is time consuming.

Opt for asynchronous resources so that they are downloaded while other processes are active. 

By setting the order you will be able to parallelize downloads across hostnames. Stylesheets take precedence over scripts and inline statements should come last. 

Browser Dependent Code Branching / Optimization.
Much as we would like it, all browsers are not the same and each of them is constantly being upgraded. That does not mean all your users have updated their systems with the latest from the browser supplier’s stable. This makes it necessary at times to check for the user’s browser and other parameters such as screen size and branch your code accordingly.

The above points are common factors - What can truly make a difference (enhancing or detracting your work) are the following:

A Good Domain Name
It all starts here, actually. Tomes have been written on this subject by web gurus.

Paraphrasing all of it and you would need to select one that is short, easy to remember, defines your site and what your portray in it, preferably .com and yes, it should be available.

Close to a billion have already been taken. Some of them by speculators, others by genuine users. However, it does not matter to you in the end who has it, if its gone. If you must have a name that is 'sold', you can set it up as a backorder and make a bid for it at an appropriate time.

The good thing is that you can always think of another name and for all you know, a more rewarding one. Select SNXDOMAINS.COM for your domain registration & domains services for a worry-free experience. We have the cheapest domain registration prices and promotion offer or two, to further your savings.

A Good Hosting Solution
The world is chock-a-block with hosts and providers but not all are located near you or near your customers. Nearly all providers offer their customers with packages and add-ons and it would be prudent to make a table of providers and short list from them.

Points to consider is the cost of add-ons and known stability issues. Whether the provider has bottlenecks, penalises users has unreasonable restrictions etc. Whether, migration to a higher or lower plan is possible. How established the host is? Will they be there tomorow?

We reproduce two quality quotes of Warren Buffet ...
SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces, Warren Buffet Quotes

It's much the same with your online presence..  or rather, the company you choose to invest in for your online presence.  SNXDOMAINS.COM - Always Ahead when Connecting Web Spaces.

Here at SNXDOMAINS.COM, we have it all for you.  Linux and Windows based servers located in Asia-Pacific, Europe and America with dynamic load sharing making overuse a non-existent term. Grow as your need grows. The price too, is right!

Do not fall prey to offers to improve your SEO by third party sites
One last piece of advice. We believe the SEO optimizing sites are not really all that they would like you to believe.

Test your site using Google and Microsoft Bing Webmaster tools and remove flaws one by one.  It is not necessary for us to list the items such as heading line and size here.  When you refer to these tools, your page and associated recommendations will be shown side by side.

If you follow the steps outlined in this page, your site will be sufficiently SEO friendly and will be indexed in a short time by the major search engines. 

While we offer to enhance your site visibility, at SNXDOMAINS.COM, we are of the opinion that rich and updated content with correct spellings and good grammar is the key to a good rank. 

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SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces. Build A Website, Affordable, Reliable, Always On Web Hosting Services SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces. Build A Website, Affordable, Reliable, Always On Web Hosting Services SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces. Build A Website, Affordable, Reliable, Always On Web Hosting Services SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces. Build A Website, Affordable, Reliable, Always On Web Hosting Services

SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces. Build A Website, Affordable, Reliable, Always On Web Hosting Services SNXDOMAINS.COM - Connecting Web Spaces. Build A Website, Affordable, Reliable, Always On Web Hosting Services

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Optimizing Tips - Improve User Experience

Design, colors & code
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